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Discovering Nature’s Goal Setting Tips

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Discovering Nature’s Goal Setting Tips

“It can’t be that simple”, I often hear it said! But for a few of the lucky ones, moving into massive action on a big goal is not an issue. I’ve even had comments to the effect that just the thought of what achieving the goal would mean for them was sufficient to propel them into going for it.
What type of thoughts cause this and how might they assist you in achieving your goals? Let’s spotlight the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season in Tokyo as an illustration of how nature manages her goals.
Around about the start of April nature puts on a spectacular and beautiful display in the Tokyo area.
It is quite common to see family groups, friends and work colleagues gathered underneath the blooming sakura trees, many with delicious picnic food and drink. These are known as Hanami Spring viewing) parties and are a lot of share this site fun!
In the 10 days just before this annual delight, Tokyoites become unusually fascinated with the weather forecasts and newspaper reports of the likely location of the Cherry Blossom line from southern Japan to Hokkaido in the far north. That’s true! As well as sometimes screwing up the weather predictions, the TV forecasters have the added pressure of accurately foretelling the best times for Hanami get togethers – people want to be there just when all is in full bloom at their favorite spots.
Taking nature’s position for a minute, it’s informative to imagine a degree psn codes generator tool of creative tension between the tiny cherry blossom buds of early Spring and the beautiful blooms that will appear in April.
The lessons for you and I are two fold:
1- Your big (“change-the-game”) goals should be as incredible and miraculous as nature’s own sakura display.
2- The creative tension in nature between whatever exists in March and what is shown in April is somehow resolved, almost imperceptibly, on a minute by minute basis.
Your Actions:
a- Observe at least one natural event in your home check here environment and ponder how much minute by minute activity is going on to bring this into your experience.
b- On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your change-the-game goal for creative tension. Write this number down.
1 means no real tension between your goal vision and the current reality.
10 means incredible and inspiring tension between what exists now and what is possible in the future.

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